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fish room clean out

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clearing out my fish room so i dont have so much stuff hangging around


$20 for all in the pic

1ft tank comes with internal filter and a 25W heater


$20 for all in pic

1Ft tanks come with internal filter and 25W heater


$10 23x23x13cm tanks with alil gravel


$15 dual air pump good working condition

have more for sale will post pic and details in the comments below

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$10 i think it still works i dont know how it works


$10 drift wood can fit easily in my 2 ft tank


$5 Single outlet air pump


$1 ea large fake plants

If you need anymore detail you can pm me and ill be happy to answer them

pick up is reedy creek (South Gold Coast)

Price are pretty firm

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tehengo can you please update your profile location, gold coast is not a specific suburb location


•Your profile must include a specific suburb location in order to assist potential buyers/sellers and improve the operation of our Trading Section. If you choose not to include a suburb in your Profile, you are choosing to have your thread removed from the Trading Section.
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