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Problem:- Sudden Cloudy Eyes

Ph :- 7.0



Nitrate:->0 <.25 (in between)



Size of tank:- 4x1.5x1.5

Temperature °C:-27

Been running for:- 2years

Filtration:-Canister:- Aqua one 1250II

Fish in tank:-5x P. Bass

Plants in Tank:- No

Feeding:-Hikari Food Stick 2-3 times a day

Recent Medication Treatments:-n/A

Last water change:- Today 25%

Water change every Week. Also this happened whrn moving them from a 2x1.5x1.5 to the bigger tank. All of the old water/filter etc was transfered across and about 25% new water added (75-80l).

Could they have just scratched them while I was catching them? It was a quick capture. 2 in one scoop 3 in the next.

If so Will they heal one there own? Anything such as medications/salt I can add to help it heal?

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use a soft white net to move them next time

I would add a second filter, maybe an otto pf600

or even an air powered sponge

just something to compliment the cannister

Ya might have had some ammonia burn (mini cycle with the new tank)

that has since been cleared up by the filter getting everything back under control

reasonably common when cannister filters are turned off for more than 30minutes

ya can avoid by popping top and placing an airstone under bottom media tray

or my prefered way, tipping media into a bucket of aquarium water with an airstone in it.

this prevents filter bacteria die off from starving from oxygen.

as far as a medication to treat them

I know I am starting to sound like a broken record here

but check out voogle

we are getting really good feedback from it at aoa

its shaping up to be the next melafix

and I love me melafix

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