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FS. hoplo colony

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Type of fish/goods:- hoplos

Sex(if known):- m & f

Size/Rating:- females: 10,12,12,13,12,11 cm

males: 13,12,11,11,12 cm

unsure: 8,8,7,8,9 cm

Breeding:- larger ones have had bubble nests with eggs however they were in an ibc with paradise fish that ate them. the smaller hoplos i'm unsure.

Qty:- 16

Price:- $30 each or the lot for $350 prices are firm, no discounts

Location:- Mansfield

Shipping Y/N:- no

Contact:- pm

Comments:- Boys have coloured up on their underbelly's and females are swelling up, they're ready to start breeding






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you know the rules luckyfish, :) please do not bump your thread for another 48 hours,

•Sellers may not ‘bump’ their thread within 48 hours – ‘bumping’ includes simply posting an emoticon, posting ‘pm sent’ etc with no major updates. We are a very busy / active forum and this is the fairest way for everyone to have an opportunity to trade.
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cheers Col, yeah these guys are certainly one of my fav catties but need the room and because I've got a baby i've made myself compromise....its either the hoplos or the laser cories, can't have both....cories won lol Will miss these guys, they breed like mad and are just so cool to watch, especially when they territorial about their bubble nests, they jump out of the water to attack you if your hand goes near them lol

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