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Hybrid Abbreviations

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Those newly interested in Flowerhorn may become easily confused by the many abbreviations used by their keepers.

Below is a list of the common ones associated with Flowerhorns.


Kok = nuchal hump, Their head protuberance.

ZZ = Zhen Zhou

JK = Jing Kang

Kamfas = Jin Hua aka Golden Flower

GM = Kamalau or Golden Monkey

POTO= Pearl of the Orient

RC= Red Crystal

RG= Red General

SDK= Super Dragon King

RPD= Red Pearl Dragon

TB= Tunder Bolt

SP= Super Pendian

RD= Rainbow Dragon

FD= Fiery Dragon

BD=Blue Dragon

BCD = Blue Comet Dragon

DBD= Diamond Blue Dragon

BFD= Blue Face Dragon

KB= King Baccara

EM= Eastern Maiden

OGD= Oriental Green Dragon

GFF= Golden Fire Face


RD= Red Dragon

TS = Thai silk

BD = Blue Dragon

SRD = Super Red Dragon

ZZML= ZZ malua


TS = Thai silk

SRS = Super Red Shock

RM=Red Monkey

RS= Red Shock

JH= Jin Hua

RK= Red Kamfa

OK= Orange Kamfa

OP=Oriental Phoenix

RP=Red Phoenix

RBK=Rainbow King

HBK=Hell Boy Kamfa= Eastern Maiden X KKP


BP = Blood Parrot

KKP = King Kong Parrot

Mammon= High Quality KKP ( Happy Breed Farm)

Darmo= High Quality KKP ( Rarefish)


DD 2 = Desert Dynasty II

CGY = Colorful God of the Year

GD = Golden Dragon

JPG = Jing Ping Guo

DD2-desert dynasty2

JG= Jaded Griffin




Kamalau is a Cantonese term which is the same as GM. In Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia, this term is commonly use among hobbyists

GM = Golden Monkey

Zhi Zhun malau= Supreme Golden Monkey

KGM = King of Golden Monkey

MGM=Marine Golden Monkey

MK= Metallic Kamalau

BKM= Blue King Monkey

DM= Diamond Monkey

KGM1 = King of Golden Monkey Generation 1

KGM2= King of Golden Monkey Generation 2

KGMF= King of Golden Monkey Flowerness

SML= Son Malau= New Generation GM


SRT = Super Red Texas

RT= Red Texas


If any Flowerhorn enthusiasts wish to correct these or add further abbreviations to the list please post and I will add them to the list.

Big thanks to Jester for helping gather this information


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