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Mealworms, Crickets, etc

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Hi guys!!

I remember some time ago, someone mentioned a site that I believe was part of a university that sold crickets/mealworms/etc at a really good price.

Ive done a search, but cant seem to find it.

Does anyone know what this may be? Or recommend another site?

I want to vary my Cichlids diet more!

Thanks in advance.

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That was probably me. Not a university but I work at a livefood facility that breeds crickets/woodies/mealworms/mice. I feed my fish crickets/woodies and they love it! So good for them too, great stimulation. It's called Livefoods Unlimited.

Not sure if I am allowed to post link?

Welcome to Livefoods Unlimited - Live Foods


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Super worms are best IMO

Don't need a fridge They don't turn to beetles. They have food in the container so just leave them there

and even if they eat all that just throw in any scrap of veggie and they will live for months

The other thing I like is there bigger so you can separate them in a cullendar if you need a lot


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