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FS 4x2x20" tank, stand universal background and accessories

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I have too many breeding tanks to look after now so im selling my cichlid display tanks. This one is in very good condition it has only one or 2 minor scratches on the glass and the stand is stained with black japan. It includes a 4ft by 2 foot wide by 20 inch high tank with a 4x18 3D universal background siliconed in, 4ft stand to fit stained dark brown, a 4 ft double heto light in very good condition one blue globe and one white, a 2000Lph aqua nova cannister about a year and a half old and runs perfectly and full of aqua clay, 40kg+ of coral sand, and a 2000Lph internal powerhead to get the current going.

the prices im after are

Tank and Stand inc. universal latex background to fit $180

2000Lph cannister filter inc media $80

4ft double heto light + globes $80

40kg+ of 2mm coral sand $50

2000Lph powerhead $10

or the lot for $350

i would prefer to sell as a whole package but if there is no interest after a week or 2 i will split it up.

thanks for looking


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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