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**betta australis september betta show**

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OK Picture Load Warning. OK you've been warned.

So today the Betta Australis September betta show was open to the public at the Caboolture show grounds.

A lot of effort went in to putting this show together, and has been mentioned else where. In this thread I'm just going document my small part of the Show.

A big thank you to QAH for letting us use their building and display shelves.

When I arrived with a couple of the boys around Mid Day Friday, most of the stands had been built and heat cords put in place. Most of the display boxes (beanies) had been unpacked and washed.

The boys finished putting the stands together, and me being non skilled labour set about making betta water (mixing home made black water extract {secret recipe with banana leaves and IAL in it} with tap water - having access to rain water would have been betta, but we none) and filling something like 240 beanies and putting them on the shelves.

Some of the local entrants arrived through out the afternoon and we benched in their bettas. And they pitched in to help.

Predominately empty beanies, with a couple of local entries to the far left.


More empty beanies.


Finished around 5pm, and went to buy some dinner. Got back and 6pm and Jodi-Lea had arrived with about 140 International entries from Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and I think maybe Singapore.

We all swung in to action, and soon had system up and running to bench in so many fish.



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More display shelves on either side of "Main" display shelf.


Next morning Jodi-Lea arrived with another 60 odd international bettas to bench in.

Then Jodi-Lea had to sort all Bettas in to their Divisions and Classes. I had just put all the Half Moons (HM) over there, all the Double Tail Half Moons (DT HM) there, the Crown Tails are over there, the (oh so many) Plakats (PK) are there, and you get the idea, and the Giants and Veil Tails (VT) are on the end shelves.

So essentially we had to clear each section of shelves in turn as the fish were sorted in to Division and Class.



There was also a Division for Art Work. Some of the art work.


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Then it was mid day Saturday and time to get our hands out and time for the judges to go to work.





Well in theory, we had to get our hands out. In practice, we had expected to bench in 120 local and international entries (some clases entries are as pairs so more fish than entries) not the 240+ entries we ended up with. So judging started while sorting classes finished.

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Here is a list of Divisions and Classes.


Division A: Halfmoon Single Tail

A1. Red STM (Dark and Light Body)

A2. Black STM

A3. Dark Iridescent STM

A4. Light Solid Color STM

A5. Patterned STM

A6. Metallic Dark STM

A7. Metallic Light STM

Division B: Halfmoon Doubletail

B1. Dark Solid Color DTM

B2. Light Solid Color DTM

B3. Patterned DTM

B4. Metallic Dark/Light DTM

Division C: Crowntail Single Tail

C1. Red/Black CTM

C2. Dark Iridescent CTM

C3. Light Solid CTM

C4. Patterned CTM

C5. Black Orchid CTM

C6. Metallic Dark CTM

C7. Metallic Light CTM

Division D: Shortfin Single Tail

D1. Red STM Show Plakat

D2. Black STM Show Plakat

D3. Blue STM Show Plakat

D4. Steel STM Show Plakat

D5. Green/Turquoise STM Show Plakat

D6. Light Solid Color Show Plakat

D7. Bicolor/Butterfly STM Show Plakat

D8. Marble/Grizzled/Multicolor STM Show Plakat

D9. Metallic Dark STM Show Plakat

D10. Metallic Light STM Show Plakat

D11. Halfmoon Shortfin

Best in Class - Certificate + Small Prize from Sponsor

Division Awards:First - $25 Prizemoney, Certificate & Ribbon

Second - $15 Prizemoney, Certificate & Ribbon

Third - $10 Prizemoney, Certificate and Ribbon

Division A-D Winners compete for BOS & RBOS

BOS - $100 Prizemoney, Trophy, Certificate and Sash

RBOS - $50 Prizemoney, Trophy, Certificate and Sash

Division E: Breeders Division

E1. Color or Form Variations - (eg DT Plakat, DT CT, Crown plakat, Dumbo etc)

E2. Form and Finnage - (exceptional form fish which does not comply to any colour class eg purple, dalamatian, half black etc. What is generally known as AOC Emphasis is strongly on the FORM, not COLOUR

E3. Pairs - (Match spawn siblings)

Division F: Wild Type Betta Pairs

F1. Bubble-nesters (small )

F2. Bubble-nesters (medium/large)

F3. Mouth-brooders ( small)

F4. Mouth-brooders (large)

Division G: Optional Classes

G1. Photography

G2. Illustration

G3. Crafts

Division H: Female Classes

H1. Solid Color HM/Plakat Female

H2. Patterned HM/Plakat Female

H3. Solid Color CT Female

H4. Patterned CT Female

Division I: Temporary Classes

I1. Traditional Plakat

I2. Giant Plakat

I3. Veiltail

In one or two Divisions we had to add an AOV class, i.e. Any Other Variety. For example Plakats we had to add D12 AOV for all the "Marble Fancy" dragon HM PK, which ended up being the largest class.

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Each Divisional Place betta had a decal for their "show tank".




Divisional winners received a trophy and Best of Show and Reserve Best of Show received a shiny plaque.


Each class winner and places received a ribbon as well. Thanks 2LRH's for those photos.

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QAH also had a few display tanks set up, including a Plastic Fantastic gold fish tank, some nnnnnNatives, African lake cichlids, a rather purty and large Female Red Devil, and many fancy (feeder fish) guppies.


Being behind a camera means I wasn't in many Photos, a blessing to you all as I wore shorts for the first two days. Not in any photos yet.





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I didn't take many fish photos, (liar - just not many decent ones) so I don't have photos of all the Class and Division winners.

Winner of the Crown Tail Division was a Thai bred Black Orchid cross ray that managed to find it's way in to my bag for the trip home, and will become part of my Black Orchid breeding stock.


Winner of the Plakat Division was a Black plakat. It also won Best In Show.




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Runner up, so Reserve Best In Show and winner of the Double Tail Half Moon division was a multi colour DT HM.


Winner of the HM Division was a red dark bodied HM.



It's important to realise that each fish in each Division, regardless of class, is judged on the same set of criteria which revolves body and fin form and shape. The fish with the least amount of faults is the winner. And for best in show it comes down to which fish most closely resembles the ideal form . Which is why the Black Plakat won, as it most closely resembled the ideal Plakat, while the Red HM, Multi DT and Black Orchid CT didn't quite match up as well to the ideal forms for those particular Divisions.

There were some fantastic coloured bettas in the show, but they had small (or not so small) faults that knocked them out the running in their respective classes.

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As an example, this HM had great form, but the red ventrals are major fault so it gets crossed off the list pretty quick.


Red (wash) in blue fish and blue (iridescence) in red fish are faults. So to short or bent rays in Crown Tails. Rounded tips to the anal fin or anal fins that lacked length and/or depth knocked a lot of Plakats out the running. So to size, there were a couple of undersized fish that were stunning and would have possibly won their class had they been 4 to 6 millimetres longer in the body.

Obviously small fin tears and scallops also knocked some good looking fish out of competition. This is the harshest part on the International entries as the are shipped to Bangkok in Thailand and then on to Australia, then go through a week in quarantine and then transported to the show. There were some very stressed and tired fish by the time the public got to see them today.

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Big props to all you guys who organize and setup these things...

Seems to be a lot of the same people all the time, I hope one day I will find that dedication!!

Yes, I hear that a lot.

I have only been involved in the hobby for a few short years and a club for a few short months, and it's very interesting listening to people who have been in the hobby for decades. I have enjoyed talking to and listening to Graeme and Greg that last couple of days, though I know I have driven them up wall on occasion. Also listening to people like Jodi-Lea and Bainsey is fantastic, they tell very different types of stories about the hobby.

I enjoy talking to people face to face, every person I have met so far has been a character. Some bigger than others.

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er, yerss, I helped "put away" that crown tail boy as I mentioned, as well as the pair of wild Betta splendens that won the F1. Bubble-nesters (small ) class.

A few other people also "put away" fish of their liking. I know some one grabbed a very, very nice purple CT boy. So to a few nice plakats.

In the interests of integrity, all fish were paid for prior to being "put away".

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Just two proper MG HM in the show. However there was a very interesting full mustard colour CT (best way to describe it was yellow over purple) and a very interesting blue and yellow multi colour (I think, may have been marble) PK that some one took home.

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I know where you're coming from Paul. Monday, I got half way through my water changes and just went back to bed. Finished the rest today.

Well we have until May to recover and get ready for the next show.

I know plenty of other people have photos, so feel free to add some more if you like.

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