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gday fellow fishkeepers :-) im new to this exciting forum and happy to now that its local and many of the livestock and plants are readly available. i first started fishkeeping 5 years ago with a betta in a bowl now i have a 240gallon display tank thats finally been a dream come true. i hope to find some interesting projects on here and find some clubs to help hone my skills with planted aquascaping. kind regards from aussie :-)

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All you have to do is right click your mouse on the running YouTube and click copy video url.

Then in the quick reply area just below click the icon that looks like film/movie strip.

It will ask the video location then all you have to do is paste the URL or just press Ctrl button down and while holding it down press the "V" key and then click OK and you should be done.

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thank you all for the very warm welcome and sorry I havnt been active much lately but ive found some inspiration and motivation to rekindle this fascinating hobby. well its been like 6 months since and update and I can finally work photobucket so when I get back from holiday. I can post some pics of the 240 and show some growth, till then cheers to you all and happyfishkeeping :)

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