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fs 397 fry

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Type of fish/goods:- 397

Sex(if known):-too small


Breeding:- too small


Price:- 40 ea

Location:- gold coast

Shipping Y/N:- n

Contact:- pm if interested

Comments:- nice healthy fish


It is the buyers responsibility to contact the seller, do not leave contact emails /phone numbers etc in posts as these will be removed by mods. Send a PM to seller or use there contact details as listed above

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To expensive when les is asking $15

So because one person sells cheap it's now to expensive?

Next time you advertise pepps remember les is selling them for $5 each.

I picked up a nice mud cake from woolies today, $3.59 it was on special for so should I ring the cheesecake shop and tell them there over priced?

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jeeez!! have to say it, someones always gotta wake sleeping dogs and stick their nose in where its not needed ay, its between wise ar*se and the seller, why not just leave it that way, catfishin's reply was sufficient and it ended the story. mind your own buisness mudcake, ya little forum doo-gooder!,...hows about one more star for our forum buttkiss fellas? :) he deserves atleast one for brown-nosing and one for his efforts in constantly trolling threads to post wise cracks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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