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Type of fish/goods:- Archer fish

Sex(if known):- either, both, all.

Size/Rating:- must be archers no smaller than 15cm, more for a colony with a saratoga

Breeding:- Display only

Qty:- Would love to get atleast 4x of these guys in one hit, let me know what you got?

Price:- let me know what they're worth to you? depending on size/quality clearly =-D

Location:- sunshine coast, can travel for pick-ups

Shipping Y/N:- handy

Contact:- post, pm

Comments:- already have 4x these guys looking to double the colony, tank is 8x2.5

Photos:-Would be great, not essential.

It is the buyers responsibility to contact the seller, do not leave contact emails /phone numbers etc in posts as these will be removed by mods. Send a PM to seller or use there contact details as listed above

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Reckon birds would pick them off as juveniles? :/

Pretty smart the old archer fish, doubtful the birds could get to them they have a brain and are fairly quick mover's!!

- float one of those ornamental crocodile heads in your pond for the start off just to be safe as they grow : )

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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