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Inwatter Amazon LED'S - Freshwater Planted

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Inwatter Amazon LED's now available. -

Inwatter Amazon is designed specifically for planted aquariums. It's high powered LEDs and optics provide great light penetration to the tank bottom for even light hungry plants such as glossostigma.

1 to 100% Dimming gives you full control on different lighting needs.


• 3watt CREE LED emitters

• 60 degree convex optics

• 1 to 100% dimming

• Configurable Sunrise/Sunset timer setting

• Passive cooling (no fans)

• Adjustable legs and hanging mount (included with fixture)

Priced from $599.00 for the 2ft unit. Demo unit now on display in store.


Age of Aquariums - Inwatter Amazon 40w - Freshwater Planted


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