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Mantis/Pistol shrimp Problem

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I have had a marine tank set up with LR/Coral and reefsafe fish for several weeks now, All was bliss till i heard the telltale signs of having either a Pistol or Mantis shrimp. (Quite possibly both)

Clicking noises in the dead of night quite periodic. And Clicking noises during the day/with the lights on in rapid succession. I have physically seen a pistol shrimp carapace floating in the tank.

My problem is as follows:

I have 60KG+ of LR and coral already cycled. I have misc Inverts such as Ghost and carrier crabs, Seastars/Starfish, urchins, sea cucumbers etc etc etc.

I have heard people are able to cohabitate mantis and pistols in a community tank but also know first hand the destruction they can cause.

Should I try to spot feed them, Remove them? If so how would i go about doing it.

I have tried trapping them with the bottletrap trick however it seems like there is far too much food in the tank for these little buggers to warrant the trip inside the trap. I have also heard a freshwater bath will do the trick, However the amount of LR i have (with some sensitive soft corals and baby anemone throughout the tank) i dont see this as a plausible way to remove them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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A mantis will give a single click per time normally and a pistol normally two or more at one time in a row, this is not always the ways in which they do things, if there are two mantis the clicks can be in any way.

A mantis will show it self at night when hunting, unlike the pistol, so one or a few hours after lights out for a while, shine a torch in the tank to see if you can spot the mantis, I would not upset the tank unless very sure.

The pistol is a good tank inhabitant, they clean up rubbish and cause no harm if your live rock is stable, just clicking to attract females and show territories.

You do any thing to your live rock and it will destabilise your PH,a little of a lot and you don’t want that unless absolutely necessary!

I have had hundreds of each over the years and you need to be sure before moving any live rock!

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I have two pistols, that I know of, in my tank as I found them in my skimmer chamber and I dropped them back in the tank. I also have a mantis the went over the over flow and is now in the sump. Wether there is more I dont know but I have found 4 dead crabs so who knows.... there is still at least 4 more crabs that I have seen which is probably why it sounds like ww4 in there sometimes with all the clicking!

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