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Photos from the garage, er fishroom today.

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Man I suck at photography. But that's never stopped me from posting up photos.

This is the boy from Fishchicks' youtube listing,

. I lost his female, but have spoken to Jodi-Lea and hopefully will have a replacement female early next month. I can wait as I'll be spawning my Black Orchids and Wild Splendens and Mahachai first.




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Next door to White Water, is

. He's very hard to photograph as he likes swimming in and out of his Anubias log. He's definitely an ambush Betta.

I accidentally left the two uncarded all day Saturday, and they scratched themselves up a fair bit. White Water just scratched up both flanks as you can see in the video, but Cobalt Lights looks like he got caught up on the filter out flow tube and has a nice semicircular scar on his left flank.



Next door to Cobalt Lights is my new Back Orchid cross ray. Unfortunately he is in love with his own reflection and spends almost most of his day flaring at his own reflection at the back of the tank and is hard to photograph. Even when uncarded to the Betta next door to him, he still prefers to flare at his own faint reflection.


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Very nice male! Hope he finds a nice gal soon! What happend to the female?

I'm not sure. For the first week she fitted in well in the sorority tank. Spent most of the time swimming with Cobalt Lights dragon PK female. Then one day she's off sulking at the back of the tank, and the next day I find her dead. She had no ripped or torn fins so I don't think she was bullied or fighting. I was pretty upset as I had wanted to spawn them once the Caboolture show was out of the way.

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After water changes today, I released my female Mahachai in with the male. Wasn't long before he had a bubble nest going under a IAL. Unfortunately the female wasn't too interested and hid in the Java moss and Subwassertang branch.

Grrrr, crappy photo. The reflection is the tub with my wild juvies growing out in.



Arrrhh, the glare hurts my eyes. The female is actually on the left side right where the glare is.


She got frightened by the camera and swam out. She's right above the suction cup that holds the branch in place.


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My wild fry are growing out in a couple of tubs, kept warm in a larger heated tub. One of the larger juvies jumped out of his tub and now swims around between the two tubs. Only problem is I don't know which tub he jumped out of. I think he's a Mahachai, which is the tub on the right.

You can see the little rogue between the two smaller tubs.


Tried to photograph the juvies, but they all darted for cover under the IAL leaves in their tubs.


It's official, I've gone over the edge. I now have more fish than tank space. So what to do. Crack out some breeder nets and put the new Bettas in them.

My other purchase from the Caboolture show was the pair of wild Betta splendens that won the Small Bubble Nesters class. They are now renting space in the wild Betta smaragdina tank. Makes for some nice flaring displays between the wild males.



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Hey luckyfish, you could check out some of the wild mouth brooders or cave bubble nesters. There are about 70 different bettas, Betta Species A - Z, and only 5 belong in the Betta Splendens complex, surface bubble nesters. There are dwarf and giant mouth brooders, and they're pretty cool, like small snake heads.

The giants can be expensive as they are rare and some like Betta macrostoma are considered the pinnacle of Bettas. Some of the dwarf mouthbrooders are not that expensive. And an added bonus with the mouth brooders is that you can keep them in the same tank together, and raise their fry in the same tank with the parents.

I have seen Betta brownorum in a LFS tank with fry. Today I saw a LFS tank with some Betta rutilans and Dario dario in it, and another tank with a pair of Betta pallifina with newly released fry.

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