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Pacific Blue Eyes spawning

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I use to go swimming with thousands of these little buggers when i was a kid. If you floated really still in the water they use to swarm you and try and feed off you

Maybe we should open up one of those foot spa things and instead of carp use blue eyes that nibble ya? lol

I cut bits and pieces out of a 20min clip to make this one. The longer clip seems to tell a story,

at about 2:18 there is one that spits out an egg,

After watching the original clip it looks to me like they were going in and spawning and then other males would come chase them out and eat the eggs then bring in another female and spawn themselves, maybe to make sure their offspring survived and not the competition?, strongest most fit survive theory?

raycam01_au - or whatever your name is - they have always been a favorite of mine too

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