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odins fish

FS xenotilapia papilo tembwe 2 breeding colony

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Type of fish/goods:- xeno tembwe 2

Sex(if known): 2m (possable 3 but doubt it) rest female

Size/Rating:- 5-9cm

Breeding:- yep

Qty:- 6 or 7

Price:- $1200 ono

Location:- <<<<<<

Shipping Y/N:- yes at buyers risk

Contact:- pm

Comments a sad day has come :( dont want to sell these guys but sacrifices have to be made atm for more room for me kipili fronts , so here u go my loss is your gain first 10 fry u get your money back :) have had a female hold twice now and another once , and i think one atm but not sure if she has a male yet lol as there is only 2 out of 7 .

pics up soon ill dig through them and find the ones of female holding

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please no not bump this thread for 48 hours,

•Sellers may not ‘bump’ their thread within 48 hours – ‘bumping’ includes simply posting an emoticon, posting ‘pm sent’ etc with no major updates. We are a very busy / active forum and this is the fairest way for everyone to have an opportunity to trade.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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