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White Knights, Albino Peacocks, Tangerine Peacocks, Blue Peacocks

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Heaps of africans to go


Type of fish/goods:-

1) White Knights

2) Albino Peacocks

3) Tangerine Peacocks

4) Blue Peacocks (Aulonocara stuartgranti)

Sex(if known):- both


1) 8-9cm

2) 9-10cm

3) 8-13cm

4) 8-15cm

Breeding:- only blue peacocks have bred


1) 18

2) 6

3) 6

4) 12


1) $8ea

2) $10ea

3) $8ea

4) $8ea

Location:- Ningi near Caboolture

Shipping Y/N:- no

Contact:- Pete via pm please

Comments:- great healthy fish, had a change in circumstances at home so these need to go.

Photos:- can email

It is the buyers responsibility to contact the seller, do not leave contact emails /phone numbers etc in posts as these will be removed by mods. Send a PM to seller or use there contact details as listed above

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couldn't tell you what strain of albino peacocks they are but can email a photo or you can come and have a look to decide for yourself. Same with the blue peacocks, not sure of which particular variant but are nice display fish or cuckoo hosts :)

White Knights and Tangerine Peacocks still available also.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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