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Flowerhorn traits

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Ill keep updating this as I find more images, and feel free to post some comparisons if you have any.

This is an example of a Kamfa tail, called a wrapped tail ,note its much larger and overlaps the Dorsal and anal fin.


Zz tail is much smaller and weaker, although usually larger ( not longer) *would be preferred .*


Kamfa body shape is quite square and chunky .


Zz is often slimmer tapering towards the tail, however it can be round like an egg or even big and chunky like Kamfa


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Kamfa lips should be a fairly even thickness not only in comparison to each other but also along the length of the lip, also the mouth will be able to close neatly


Zz lips , often the bottom one is thicker and sticks out forward like an underbite. They also dont need to be as smooth and even as Kamfa.


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