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FS: Double 4ft Stand, Tanks, Lights, Lids and Driftwood

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For Sale is a Tiered 4ft Set-up


- 48" x 18" x 18" tank with hole drilled in top right corner. Blue vinyl background - very nice. Some lids. Doesn't leak. Included is a large piece of driftwood, roughly 60x30x30cm

- 44" x 15" x 12" tank with lids. Doesn't leak.

- Painted, galvanisted stand (wide) with shelves for each tank. Good condition.

- 2x 48" light units (36W) with tubes. Don't look great, but work no problem.


Asking $200.00

Pick up from Ferny Hills, (north-west) Brisbane

0402 682 328

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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