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is that fin rot on my clown loach?

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Hi, hoping someone can help me! I have a 5ft tropical display tank with alot of smaller fish like mollys, corys, danios, bristlenose and clown loaches. I haven't been home alot lately and missed a couple of water changes and i've also noticed one of my mollys getting a bit of a shrunken stomach. So I was recommended Sterazin for worms, you dose on certain days 1, 3, 6, 8 and 10. I did a 70% water change on day 1, put day 3s dose in and yesterday i dosed for day 6 and i did a 50% water change beforehand. During the water change yesterday the clown loaches were hiding while i was doing it which is normal so i didn't really look at them but this morning i was checking them out and noticed one of the loaches has a white patch on its tail. check the pic.

Is that fin rot? I'm only dosing the Sterazin at half dose cause of the young babies in the tank (as per instructions) but could it be the sterazin that's done it to the loach or just my couple of weeks of neglect.

water test done today:

Ph: 7.6

ammonia: 0

nitrite: 0

dont have a nitrate test


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