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So the time has come to get my fish out of their little 50 litre tank and into a bigger one, the tank i have chosen is going to be either:

HR-800 aquarium








200 L

(depends if they can get stock)

From Aquariums R Us at Meadowbrook.

Bascially just looking on some advice for Filtration and lighting to suit the above tanks, both include stands and hoods.

First up for Filtration i'm looking at either an Eheim 2213 or 2215, i'm leaning more towards the 2215, due to higher capacity if i get the taller tank, but my main concern is noise or hopefully lack thereof, as this tank is going to be installed in my bedroom, and not far from my bed, i don't want a loud hurricane keeping me up all night.

Next question is on heating, looking at either a 200w or 300w Jager Heater, the tank can accomodate the larger heater (if i can get the tall tank) but will 300w of heating fury be overkill in a 200L tank ? Would the 200w be fine to use ?

Also then the question comes to lighting, the only way i can see to go at this stage is a Sun Sun Fluro (600x200x60mm HFL-600 4x24W) to sit on top of the glass and under the hood, would the 4 bulbs be overkill on this tank ? or would i need the extra penetration of the light? At this stage plants are an option i am considering, but as to which plants i'm honestly yet to research.

At the beginning of the tanks life it will be home to my current fish, 5 x Black Neons, 2 x Gouramis, 4 x BN Longfin. But in the future would like a nice school of a couple different of the tetras, perhaps Serphim and Rummy nose in addition to the existing Tetras in there, depnding on how the Gouramis go i would be looking for some other nice mid sized fish but only 3-4 max of them, and maybe 1 other small species of fish with 3-4 of them in addition to the BNs. Plants are a consideration as above, but i dont think i have the time or patience to look after them properly.

Hopefully i havent caused too much confusion, just looking to get myself setup for a nice long time of looking after some fish :P

Thanks in advance to any and all advice.


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