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One of my husbands sumps has decided to spring a leak and he is away with work in cairns so he cant fix it. So im putting this up to see if any one has one lying around that i could purchase. The one he currently has is 30x18x20 all in inches and its a wet/dry style sump. Doesnt have to be this size but it cant be any longer than 3.5 foot.

Prob be best to contact ron, on 0434149659, about it as he knows if it will do the job or not. Pictures would be gr8 too



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appears to be all sorted now. Wasnt the sump leaking but the plumbing. One of my babys (angel that i spawned and raised) went over the overflow and got trapped at a 90 degree bend.

Glad it was an easy fix in the end, but ron will hear about from me for loosing an angel lol.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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