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Gold Frontosa ??

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Hi all

i was visisting a couple of lfs on the northside today and came across a frontosa that appeared to have a gold colouration to it?? i asked one of the staff members and they said that had been traded from a customer and they thought that it could have been the result of poor diet or water conditions.

just wondering if there is a variant of frontosa that has this colouration normally it was about 10cms big.

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there kavala fronts

i aquired a small amount of them when the import ban was lifted

in stead of being a pearly white between the bars like burundi they have a yellow tinge

my group from time to time when fighting ( or eating)get really blue along the outer edges of there fins and a pale

yellow through out the rest

http://www.cichlidforum.com/articles/fr ... nt_map.php - this variant map shows you a pic of the kavala

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