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G'day another newbe

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Hi everyone. Great forum, Has proved very helpfull to me aready.

Hobby for me and wife Jo started with a 20lt tank taken off our son a couple of years ago, we moved to a 2ft tank and could be over our heads with a recently brought 4X2X2 tank with full cabinet, sump, T5 lighting, Pump and a raft of plumbing. Got it home (wow it looks big now!) found the water pump was not working so I brought a JHQ3500 (3000lph ) from AOQ. I put it all together last night and turned it on and the pump is quite loud, making a humming sound. It is not vibrating on anything, I lifted the pump off the sump and checked the hoses were free, I could put up with it wife is not so happy. (you know what thats like !)

Any suggestions would be appreciated or will I need to buy a specific type of pump? (Running out of money fast though! :( )

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Hey Mate and welcome to the forum :) With the pump alot of them do make a loud humming sound, i have found that if you place a towel under the pump it will to make a it a little bit less noisy, but not that quite, i have a 6 outlet pump right next to my bed but its bearable, you get used to it atfer a while :D

Etienne :)

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Hi Coyo11

Maybe put a a thick piece of styro underneath, don't want a fire (just incase)

Or put your foot down and tell the wife to deal with it and you're going to the pub :lol: just kidding, she'd probably change the locks while you went out :lol:

Bloody women!



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Thanx guys,

I used the towel under the pump and positioned the tubing in center of the hole in the cabinet. Its alot better.

2 more days and and I should be able to put in my fish, Im suprised how exciting it is.

I had to buy a Eheim canister filter I couldnt see the just the sump being enough :notsure: Anyway its in and we brought some plants and some other stuff the guy said we needed ( another $100 ) WE think its not bloody bad :lol: I have seen some of the setups you guys have and I have a ways to go but the more you learn the more intreresting it becomes.

Its good to know there are experienced people here prepared to answer questions who have been there done that.

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