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what fish can go with a red devil?

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HELP :!: i bought 20-21cm red devil

every time i buy a new fish

my red devil attacks it to death

i am wondering what other fish i can put with it

i have 1xGSpleco

3x clown loach

2x raphael catfish

1x ompok catfish

and the red devil does not attack these fish^

i want a large sized fish to go with the red deviland will not attack my other fish

Cheers joy :)

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I have had my male red devil for about 6 months, he is over 20 cms long and he has not killed anything I put in with him, because I take it out before he gets the chance. Everything we have put in the tank with him he attacks and bites. He has successfully lived for a week with another male red devil but them it started to get agressive. Another point to remember is that if you dont have a big enough tank, dont bother trying to put any other fish in the tank.

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our tank is 4ftx2ftx2ft

how can you tell if its a female or a male?

mine has a slight hump does this mean it is a girl?

i bought 4 small silver dollars and he is fine with them

i just want a large fish that i can put in there without them fighting


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well I think you need roughly a 5 foot or more for two large cichlids especially one's that are agressive in nature like red devils. sexing them is easy if you know how vent, the males usually have a v shaped vent and the females are more of u shape, it is a lot easier to sex red devil females if they have already layed eggs.

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