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EOI - Light, Cannister filter, Gravel, broken tank.

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Gday all!

Have a few items I'm thinking of selling, since joining this site I've been purchasing stuff off you guys and hence I no longer require the stuff that i've doubled up on! hehehe

Light - Standard Dalbarb 4ft light....white bulb with white plastic cover, excellent condition.

Cannister filter - Aqua Nova CF1500 model. this filter is suffering from the infamous Aqua Nova leaky problem!....drip drip drip.....works fine but leaks, dont know if it can be fixed!

Gravel - standard run of the mill gravel mix that all newbies buy for their tank! hehehe, there is enough to fill a 4ft x 15' tank 2inch deep (hope that makes sense!)

Broken tank - 4ft x 15' x 18'......this tank was leaking slowly, so i took it outside with the intention of finding the leak and sealing it up....newbie mistake....I left it outside overnight and the next morning a massive cracked developed on the bottom glass panel. D"OH (every other glass panel apart from the cracked bottom panel is in perfect display condition!)

Okies so this is EOI....hence no prices, I know the stuff isn't worth much and currently if I can get anything for them, the money will go towards a new cannister filter!

Shoot me some offers and I'll see if its worth it....I might end up keeping it all because alot of peeps are telling me having just one tank is not possible with this hobby! hehehe

I'm looking to keep E yellows, blues and the similar so swaps are possible too!

I'll post some pics up in the following days!

Thanks for looking!



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Gday fellas,

where are you in brisbane? and do you have any pictures of the light and gravel please once i have seen pics i will then make an offer or u tell me a price

cheers Neville :)

I'm in Inala, pics are attached. Cheers!

Hi Notwen,

Does the canister filter come with media & all plumbing & were abouts in the base is the crack & how long??


Media wise the cannister will come with 2 filter pads that are cut to fit the trays (brand new)...these are the cheap white ones from AOA, and some noodles. All the plumbing is there too. Spray bar attachment is in the box. I also realised that the brand of the filter is actually "Pro Aqua"....this whole time I thought it was an Aqua Nova!....Looks exactly the same??? Comes with a spare o-ring too...(thought this may have been the problem but it wasn't!)

The crack in the tank is quite large I don't think it can be fixed easily! (see pics)

Not expecting much for the cracked tank....its just taking up room in my garage...trade for some

baby E yellows or similar would be great! :D

Shoot me a pm if you have any other questions/offers etc

Thanks for looking guys!

Newton :)

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