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Apistogramma baenschi (Inka 50) & A. agassizii juveniles

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Hey guys and gals,

I have some 10 month old sub adult Apistogramma baenschi and agassizii tefe red (*This is a line bred, aquarium strain) for sale.

The baenschi I can sell in pairs, or as single males or females. Males are just starting to colour up.

I have one (definate) male agassizii and and quite a few females. Male hasn't matured enough to colour up, but is getting there.


Dad - Male adult baenschi


Mum - Female adult baenschi


Sub adult male baenschi - he's stressed out in this photo.


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Still a few pairs of Baenschi (Inka 50) left. I will be holding on to these fish for three more weeks, after that, they are gone, and I won't have any more for sale in the future as I have already sold my breeding pairs and am not breeding apistos any more.

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