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Maybe its a dumb question...but never ask never know

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not sure with the ins and outs of shrimpology and the genetics so thought I would ask....did crystal shrimp originally come from cherry shrimp????...only reason I ask is some of my cherries are getting very large white areas on their backs..I have seen some get the stripes down the back etc(nothing new there I guess) but this is more a large area of white that looks like white paint like you see on crystal patterns...




and my nice juicy red normal guys...


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they are a different species of shrimp, so they arn't overy related.

speaking of overys, thats what that large white/yellow patch is on the shrimps back, the girls get their ovaries there and when two shrimpies love eachother very much she sheds her shell, the ovaries drop and are fertilized.

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