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haha, im pretty sure theyre L134 a fair few people have confirmed it now. so its all good, thanks anyways.

Thanks Brengun, the endlers dont stay still, theyre very hard to get a decent pic of. i got heaps of blurry ones trying to get these 2 pics..

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well ok then, that just confirms what we all know...I'm a jack@rse.

Not calling you any such thing and its good to question exactly what species we have/have not got as in Australia our plecs are in pretty short supply and it would not be good for the hobby to end up with crossbreeding species.

I get just as confused so I like to compare photos.

The third pic was confusing as it did look like the flatter L168.


This is my true L168 with the flattened profile and longer thinner tail.


One of my L134's from either Lealea or Bestfish.


I used tank shots as juveniles as thats how you usually buy them from lfs.

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