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aandtsociety rufus king wreck marines collecting trip

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These are the fish that were caught out at the wreck on a very nice day.

The vis was only around 7 metres and the swell was nearly a metre, but it didn’t prevent a top day out.

This wreck is nearly half way from Stradbroke Island to Moreton Island just out behind the surf on the bar.

The recent rough seas have exposed a lot of it and it is a reasonable wreck now to have a top snorkel at.

The following pics are what was gotten there and a couple of ordinary videos of a swim around the wreck.

The only cray seen on the day would have been 3 kilos, missed it by that much!!!

There are two more trips in our members section of our forum,the trip two days ago is a mind blower.

This is where we were,just next to the wreck,which is just under the water down to 30 plus feet.


These are the fish we got.







Videos of the wreck.



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We leave the fish in the water just over the fish swimming on the hand or one of the other guys does the same,the camera is set to high speed shutter control,lift the hand take the pic and back in the water.

The main thing is to make sure your skin temp has dropped to avoid any harm to the fish.

We go on marine species collecting trips not dead species trips.

These words are from a couple of our forum sections as to why we do what we do,to some degree.


These are the benefits to our collecting apart from money saving

Firstly, we know where to find them, how to catch them, how bring them back healthy and the ways in which to keep them, both the old and trendy ways to have a successful piece of the ocean in our homes.

You know some of the most important aspects of our well carried out collecting trips, in relation to the fish and inverts we get is, the stress once it has achieved the 48 hour serious internal damage mark, as a lot have the potentially from the retail and wholesale time to you,this doesn’t exist with what we get, the adrenalin damage that looks like a drug caught death is nil with what we get, the sometimes not so good systems that give fish nitrate poisoning before you buy it that can look like a drug caught death as well, with what we get is nil, as well!

We will use ammo lock and PH buffer and air stones in our buckets for the short trip until in their new home, so ammonia burns and damaged gills and depleted oxygen damage are nil as well.

The potential for diseases in old water from waste and toxins from sick or damaged fish and fish such as dice box and puffers are nil as well.

The educational benefits from watching and understanding how they live in the wild,is invaluable.

Its a win,win,win situation.

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