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Problem:- Male bristlenose pleco, 5+ years old, not moving, floating upside down on surface or bottom, no signs of illness or injury. Fish looks dead, it's not until I pick it up and lift it from the water that it moves very slightly. I can place it right way up but it eventually drifts to its side or back. Have moved it into a large fry cage for easy access.

Edited to add: have not seen it eat for the last week.

Ph:- 7.2

Ammonia:- 0

Nitrate:- 5

Nitrite:- 0



Size of tank:- 250 litre

Temperature °C:- 25 c

Been running for:- 2.5 years this tank, was in a 120L prior to this for another 2.5 years

Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Otto Pf800n internal, aqua one nautilus 4000 canister.

Fish in tank:- 3 x adult bristlenose (1m, 2f), 4 x juvenile clown loach, 7 Cory's, 2 x juvenile angels, 4 x blind cave tetras, 4 x gold widow tetras

Plants in Tank:- Anubias,

Feeding:- What food and How often: once a day, algae wafers, shrimp pellets, flake food and small pellets

Recent Medication Treatments:- melafix

Last water change:- last Wednesday, overdue by one day. ;)

Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly: weekly

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