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New 6ft Fancy Goldfish Display Setup

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Hi all,

After spending a few years on rainbowfishes, I've decided to give that a rest for now and venture deeper into keeping and breeding fancy goldfishes. Lately, I have been lurking on various goldfish forums & have been reading some very interesting discussion/sharing of pics of beautiful goldfishes on this forum. Definitely some awesome stuff being posted as of late

My aim for this tank is to create a minimalistic aquascape with various ferns, rocks and mosses and also obtain some high quality goldfishes for this tank. I'm particularly like the look of chinese styled orandas and the 'UK standard' veiltails. As most goldfish keepers will know, finding quality fish in Australia might be difficult but there are the occasional imported stunners.

Anyhow, here are some specs & some brainstorming/plans

Dimensions: 6x2x2

Filtration: Ehiem Classic 2117

Lighting: 4ft (2X54W) T5HO fixture & 2ft (2x24W) T5HO fixture

Heating: 300W Jager (probably not required however it might come in handy when used to induce spawning)

Substrate: Aggregate Sand

Hardscape: Large round-ish river stones (will purchase at local landscape supplies)


-Microsorum pteropus

-Microsorum pteropus 'windelov'

-Microsorum pteropus 'needle leaf'

-Vesicularia montagnei (christmas moss)

-Anubias nana


-4 x orandas

-4 x veiltails

-possibly include pom poms & ranchus if the ehiem 2217 can handle it. I am looking for a lower maintenance set up so will be stocking sparingly.

Here are just some initial pics after the tank was nuked with bleach and hydrogen peroxide this morning

I don't know if its just me but having an empty tank just excites me heaps; all the planning & researching involved etc. :P


Filled with water


Inspiration - love the minimalistic effect of this scape. Simple yet tranquil-like and relaxing. Being a plant lover, I will be certainly be adding more plants to the scape.

Anyhow, will keep yous all updated



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I haven't had any problems with fancies eating ferns in the past so hopefully that stays that way. Not so sure about the moss so yeah, all trial and error.

I do have some 20cm+ comets in the pond that don't seem to touch the ferns too which is encouraging ;)

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That's what I have experienced too Brent, just none of my goldies could resist the duckweed though haha.

Also, I've read that you mentioned that shallow water help the development of good body shape and smaller tails on ranchus so I was wondering would this tank (2ft high) be too deep to keep them?

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Agree with the plants also:) mine only bothered my moss when they spawned and swam through it. Water depth is a lot different for oranda also! FINMOOD FISH FORUM • View topic - the mystic about ranchu and oranda keeping have a look what those guys have to say, it can help to develop an oranda to have the depth:)

Can't wait to see the tank evolve! :)

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agree 100% with Mat and that link has some very experienced guys discussing depths,food etc...only reason I dont favour deep water for ranchu here in Oz is our stock quality is limited...I think we get bloat very easily in ranchu because the ranchu we see are often not of the highest quality....If its a big strong swimming ranchu then I think depth wouldnt be so much the issue and the extra depth could indeed lead to a bigger stronger fish...but deeper water brings pressure and I think unless you definitely have a good strong swiming ranchu then its a risk..how often do we get to see ranchu the size of the big quality guys you see in asia???...I personally think fish with dorsals are generally much stronger swimmers and with the depth of your tank netty Id be looking at some nice big orandas and ryukins....but its personal taste too mate and I reckon this set up is going to look great!!...:)

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Wow thanks for the link Matmatmat, very interesting and informative read. The tank seems to be perfect for growing out some nice big orandas. I need to do some research on veiltails though. Ive read that due to their broad long square tails and usually weak penduncle, they are often weak swimmers.

I do like the ryukins but I have read that a 6x2x2 tank like mine, the recommended number of goldies for maximum growth is only 8. Would rather like to focus on two strains of fish and experiment with them but we shall see. I'm quite an impulse buyer when i see quality fish so that doesn't help haha :P

Ahhhhh, Di's 4ft planted tank aquascpaed by Wolfgang. Very impressive setup indeed but I was more after the rock layout. Trying to keep it simple. ;)

Oh & funny thing is, this 6ft tank belonged to Wolfgang and was sold to me just before he moved down to Melbourne :(

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hey nettty, this is gonna be a sweet setup man. very jealous.

Do you have any plans to give these guys some time outdoors?

Im just getting into some goldy action myself, and after doing alot of reading asking noob questions etc it seems this the way to go. I think I'll do a bit of a rotation of indoors/outdoors once I get some good stock going. So yeh just thought id ask.

but nway, keep us updated. ps. have to agree with the goldenman and matto on the plants. My ranchu only touch duckweed and nothing else and my shubunkin pretty much dont eat any plants - not even duckweed wtf? so yeh, i reckon you'll be right :)

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Hiya kasman, having read up on various wen growth/colour grooming techniques, I will definitely be putting them outdoors too to see if I can improve their colour or wen. Problem is the backyard pond is already full of extra large comets and the outdoor 3ft tank is too small if I was going to have 8 goldfish in total. I'll probably be looking to get some used bath tubs which should house them comfortably. I reckon the bath tubs would make excellent grow out ponds too if I was going to raise any fry :)

Here's a little trial I did with my oranda three years ago in the 3ft outdoor tank. The oranda definitely benefited from the green water, 4 hrs direct sunlight & live foods with significant improved head growth & richer intense colour.


A little update on how the setup is going:

-went to the local landscape supplies and purchased some very cheap large round river rocks

-sterilised the aggregate sand with bleach

-placed a crayfish into the tank to see whether the bleach residue was any harm to livestock - so far so good :)

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Previously I had garden top soil and red laterite clay that was capped off with sand as the substrate (walstad method to grow plants) which most likely harboured a whole lot of bacteria and other nasties. I'll be re-using the sand for this tank so bleaching it was just a precautionary measure ;)

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Update time!

-bought some egg crate from the lfs and began hardscaping

-bought another 20kg silica sand from the pool shop: that makes a total of 40kg aggregate/silica sand + 25kg of much finer sand.

The initial layout placed on eggcrate


Filling up..


Ended up improvising from the initial idea &....tadah!


I'm currently waiting for water to clear up and using an additional internal pump with dacron. Will be adding some goldfishes soon


Some freakin' awesome high quality orandas coming soon. Can't wait!

Will keep yous all updated.



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Thanks mate, as you can see with the initial design, when positioned into the tank, it was a bit too flat and didnt have enough depth or height. I ended up using much larger and taller rocks in the final scape with larger ones were placed slightly behind the smaller ones. ;)

Next step: Planting :)

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Hey mate hows the tank coming along?...was looking awesome up til last post...just did my own first sand based goldy display and Im loving it..used all black rocks to match the black orandas and it has a nice open river feel about it...I'll call it "midnight gold" :) :)just playing but yeah mate love to see the progress..plants??..ideas on stock???

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Thanks Stevie wonder, I have since removed some rocks to make maintenance/vacuuming a little bit easier :)

@Brent, not much progress yet unfortunately. Since the unsuccessful purchase with Luan, I have still been on the look out for goldfish. Still mainly after the orandas, but always open for other varieties (besides those ugly golfballs and bubble eyes of course :P)

Creative name for your tank lol I usually name every scape of mine too but I think I need some goldfish in this tank first to spark some inspiration :)

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Finally update time! :D

The scape has changed since last time to make cleaning and overall maintenance easier. I found the rocks were collecting poo and preventing water flow causing a few dead spots so I've decided to keep things more simple. The current scape incorporates manzanita driftwood piece, rocks, ferns and mosses to achieve a creek rock bed. Scape is inspired by Lee Nuttall who creates the most brilliant North and Central American cichlid biotopes.

Anyhow here are finally some pics:



Also, after a very long wait the tank houses a pair of beautiful chinese black telescope goldfish. Symmetrical finnage, high straight dorsal and jet black colour. I'm hoping the black colour is stable but time will tell. The only faults are one has a single anal fin and both need fattening up. I've read on various forums that if the specimen has one single tail yet the parents are double anal finned, if paired with another gf that has double anal fin, it should throw out mostly double anal fin offsprings in the brood. Pretty much all genetics and plan is to breed these guys after I get back from my holiday so we shall see ;)

The pair sifting through the sand


Jet black female


More goldies to come soon hopefully and just planted it today so will only look better in time :)

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not what i expected as a goldfish tank.


it looks fantastic!

A great open feel to it, good work with the half submerged stones up the back left. They look really good.

So its a fancy goldfish tank with a light scattering of natives??

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