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I promise i will check my PM's this time so people dont miss out.

I have 1cm fry from the following and approx no.

Yellow Tail Congo - 10 $4ea

Serpae - 50ish - $1ea

Lemon - 20-30 - $1.50

Gold Tetra - 20 - $1ea very nasty tetras

Pretty - 10 $2

Blk Phantom 20 $2

Red Phantom 12 $2

Rosy Neons $1

Normal Neons $0.50c

Longfin Neons 6 left $5ea

Diamond Neons $1.50

Chilli Rosy barbs $2

PM for details. Usually sell in hours so be quick.

More spaws available next week!

Cheers guys!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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