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media suggestions for canister filter..

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hey all... im after suggestions for types of media (& suggestions on where best to buy from in brisbane) for media for my cannister filter...

its an otto pf-450g which pumps 1800 ltrs/hour.. its 3 stage. it come with very light white padding style media, sponge, and ceramic noodle media also <-- thats what i think its called.. lol

is the media good enough that come with it? it just seems very basic to me and dont know if i should be replacing it ?

it runs a 4x2x2 freshwater, fish include large silver dollars, plecos, silver sharks & congos. some smaller clown loaches, etc etc

i have a basic internal 1200ltr/hour powerhead runnin with sponges attached also,.

thanx for ur time :)

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