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FS, Starfire 3x2x2 complete high tech planted display setup

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What I have for sale is my Custom made starfire glass 3x2x2 display tank with bevelled, polished edges, braceless open top aquarium, made by G maher

What's also included,

Custom made laminated stand

ADA Aquasoil 40L worth, 6 months old

Aquascape design 6x t5 light with a mix of Giesemann midday and aquaflora tubes

Light hanging kit

Filters, two Eheim 2217, 5 months old both in perfect condition

Co2, Dupla armatur pro Regulator with Dupla magnetic valve, I’ve never had a problem with this Regulator or solenoid one of the best,

Sera reactor 1000 hooked up to one of the filters for the co2

Keg King 2.5 kg co2 bottle

Cal Aqua Labs efflux x 2 and influx x 1

ADA co2 drop checker,

Also includes, 7 Wild caught Peruvian altum angelfish they have heaps of personality and not shy what so ever,

3 Zebra ottos and 30 or so neon tetras

Asking $1500 for this setup complete and ready to aquascape.

A heap of free things I will throw in include,

A big pile of hand selected Yinshi stone for your own iwgumi scape

ADA products, Medium pinsettes, Bottom release tool, spring washer medium, 2 thermometers, Penac W and Penac C,

Hydor koralia circulation and wave pump,

UV steriliser,

All the EI Ferts for you to start EI dosing,

Test Kits and a heap of other bits and pieces.

Everything is just over a year old or less.

There are a lot of things that have never been used and in perfect new condition but too much to list.

At the moment I want to try to sell it as a package to some lucky person, so please don’t PM me saying you want to buy this and that, if there is no interest I will happily put up all items for individual sale.



Sorry for the bad phone camera photos,

Iv'e got many more photos of all the gear so just let me know what you want to see and I'll post them.





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If I had the coin I would buy it as that is an awesome piece of kit! I have always wanted a starfire glass tank. Could only imagine how much all that gear would have cost new, $1500 is a steal.

PS. If you do end up having to separate, I would be interested in the 2217's

Good luck with the sale.


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