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Assorted bn's

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Due to medical health reason's i may have to sell up so looking to see how much interest is out there i have the following in witch i might have to sell off

A)7xpeppermints 2m/5f (will not separate) size range from 6-12cm (SOLD)

B)5x longfin albino's 1m/4f ( will not separate) size range from 6-9cm (breed before ) (ON HOLD)

C)2x marble longfin 1m/1f ( will not separate ) size range 9cm+ (breed before) (ON HOLD)

D)1X albino female 8+ (ON HOLD)

E)x longfin common male 8+

F)3x common 1m/2 females (will not separate ) (always breeding )(ON HOLD)

G)3x gold spots not sure what sex's looks like 1m/2f (SOLD)

H)4xlongfin malble 3-4cm (ON HOLD)

I)3x marbles 3-5cm 1m/1f/ other unknown (ON HOLD)


B) $200 Breeding colony (ON HOLD)

C) $100 PAIR (ON HOLD)

D) $30 (ON HOLD)

E) $40



H) $45 the LOt (ON HOLD)

I) $45 the lot (ON HOLD)

can post pics have added a price range due to unreasonable offers ,,will not split breeding trio's or breeding colony's so please do not ask for females only ..I am looking for breeding colonies of either peacocks / electric yellows/ electric blues or blue dolphins so willing to work out a trade

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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