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driftwood what do i do

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Hi Jess. I've found the best way to disinfect is with Potassium Permanganate. You can pick it up from chemist for a few $$.

Don't need much only a few grains. Dissolve in water then put driftwood in for a couple of days.

Rinse off thoroughly before placing in tank or you'll end up with purple water. Any new plants i purchase..I do the same with them.

Hope this hepls.

Cheers Shorty. :fish:

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This is a good read on driftwood basics:


I've only ever boiled the cr.p out of pieces and soaked for ages in a tub similar to Clayton but Mr Shorty's suggestion is a very good one.

You may need some degree of prior soaking in a tub/bucket though to avoid the tannins in the wood leaching out and turning your tank water a tea / brown colour (unless you use purigen or carbon in a filter to help speed up the process of reducing the tannin in the aquarium water).

Do you know what type of wood it is?


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last lot i got i stuck in a bucket big green 200ltr bunnings job and added tap water then dumped another 2-3 ltrs of pool chlorine into it

left it to soak for a week washed it off in clean tap water then left it for 3 weeks so far out in the sun as the sun kills off the chlorine and it will evaporate any water or chlorine still in the wood then i will re-soak it for a few days b4 putting it in with my breeding bn

* it also bleech's it somewhat and no tannins wood is almost white atm *

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