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ok final list of things to take

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ok for anyone im taking stuff to the auction for

coryfan one bag cherry shrimp to agreed value

brengun food to swap for the earth worm flake

others will be

3 bags of shrimps

3 bags of endlers

3 bags with 2 gold sevs

1 bag of 2 green sevs

3 bags with one L202 at 4cm

3 bags of std longfins at 4-5cm tl Maybe if i can catch em lol

for kasanga girl one of me bamboo pyramids for catfish lol

if ive promised anyone anything else please remind me


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I will be taking

3 bags of 5mm spirulina algae discs

3 bags of 12mm spirulina algae wafers

3 bags of crumble food

3 bags of 2mm sinking pellets

3 bags of 6mm floating pellets

3 bags of Greshaki

3 bags of Saulosi Peacocks

3 bags of Baliodigmas

3 bags of Jack Dempseys

3 bags of Jaguars

2 Bags of Texas

Plus anything else I find or get time to pack.

If anyone needs any fish or fish food brought in please let me know.

I have plenty of the above foods as well as Cichlid Colour Enhancer Flake and standard Cichlid Flake.

PM or phone 0423235291 if ya wanna place an order.

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