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I have a shubunkin (yes i know its a gold fish but i like him & want him better) goldie & apart from white spot, ive noticed that

he has some red blotches on his tail fin, & top fin where it meets the body. He occasionally gets picked on by my gf's blackbelt.

Tonite he was at the bottom of the tank with his fins looking a bit flat. I seem to have a case of white spot in my tank so i began

treatment this afternoon. Because he had some tears in his fins, i have done 2 treatments of melafix which i have now discontinued

because of the white spot treatment using wardle ickaway.

Water temp got upto 30.8 & ive reduced the temp (was only supposed to get upto 29 - damn cheap heaters!)

I have separated him into a hospital tank.

Any ideas what causes red blood-like blotches on fins? fighting?

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i was with my partner at a LFS & she saw the blackbelt & her & my daugther both wanted it. They have been fine for weeks, its just the last week the the

blackbelt has got more aggressive. Im treating the shubunkin in a hospital tank, & once he's better the blackbelt is gone.

If anyone wants him he's $5 - otherwise he'll prob become a play toy & meal for our kitty cat... :twisted:

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