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aandtsociety marine species wrasse collecting trip

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These are a few pics of the wrasse trip recently.

There are a couple of the leopard wrasse (Macropharyngodon meleagris), both the juvenile and the adult that went into one of the clubbies tank.

Than there is a very nice comb wrasse (coris picta), it and a couple of others went into another clubbies tank.

The china wrasse (anampses neoguinaicus ) and the forcipiger and anthias went to Paul and the others.i forget,but the clubbies always love them.

These were a lot of work as wrasses are not an easy fish to catch; you would be better off using a cast net for them.

There was a nice feather star,kehole angel,anthias and a fifty-fifty chromis caught as well.

These chromis can do quite well in a schooling situation in the aquarium and once there is more than one the colours can be very nice that they display.

The chromis,feahter star and the forcipiger are the best reef safe ones this time,the others were more suited to a non delicate invert system.

oh and the regular non camera shy turtle.

Over all we had a great day once again.











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