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Fishy Garage Sale

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All prices listed are negotiable, especially for Betta Australis club members or multiple purchases.

All tanks have lids, even if not pictured.

All items are pick up from Slacks Creek, QLD.

2-Tier Wooden Stand (Painted Black) with 2 x (3ft x 15w x 18h)

Stand is finished wood rather than rough, very solid and in good condition.

Tanks have lids, Black silicone & outer corner bracing and the back panels are tinted grey/black glass. $150.


2 smallish tanks. Each holds around 20 litres from memory.

On the left is an AquaOne 'Office' brand tall tank. (25 x 25 x 30h). $20.

On the right, glass angled corner tank with black silicone. Has a plastic divider bracket down the middle, but this is loosely siliconed and easily removed if desired. Light fitting for this tank also available.(18 x 23w x 25h) $30.


Little K-Mart tank, plastic. Dodgy original filter supports have been removed (And the filter is not included) but the original light fitting is in the hood and works fine. $10.

($20 if you want to include a fish-safe background that fits nicely - http://www.users.on.net/~jp_sass/fish/For%20Sale/background.jpg)


Betta Barracks. Sump area built into the back. The original home-made pipe mechanism (For air-driven filtration) can be included if neccessary but this tank is ripe for something classier IMO. (50l x 20w x 20h - Each section approx. 12cm wide) HOLD


THREE of these. 1ft cube tanks, drilled at the back with white corner bracing. Ex-shop display and very sturdy. Backs painted blue (Peeling and easily removed/replaced). $20 each or $50 for the three.


Miscellaeny of light fittings! From left to right..

4ft Light (4 x 54W T5 Tubes)

(Lights T5 HO - T5 Florescent Light Fittings Supreme Aqua - T5 AQUARIUM OVERHEAD LIGHT 4x54W Hi Output 120cm Long - Guppy’s Aquarium Products Online - T5 AQUARIUM OVERHEAD LIGHT 4x54W Hi Output 120cm Long)

Bought (and still available) from Guppies around 6 months ago, it hasnt been used much at all. The only 'damage' is where I've nipped out a small bit of extra plastic to make the side-mounts actually fit the unit. Comes complete with all four original tubes plus the hanging kit if needed. $100.

2ft, Single Tube. Oldie but functional - SOLD

2ft, AquaOne Double Tube. Very nice - HOLD

18in, Single Tube (Fits the 18in tank I also have for sale) - $20


Eheim 2213 model. In use until very recently and only about a year old. Outlet pipes have some extra kink & corner pieces attached for convenience. For the sake of this sale, no media is included (I can't remember whats in there just now!) but I'll throw in some ceramic noodles at the very least even if the original stuff is gone. SOLD


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