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How to paint tanks???

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I brought ESP (easy suface prep) and than paint after 90mins. I did 20 tanks recently and got lazy on the last couple and didn't use and there really was no difference. Maybe peel a bit if you scratch it. I used acrylic paint mate. I bit thicker than your cheapo enamel. You have seen my tanks so you know how mine came out

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I cleaned tanks, used ESP as advised then used blue

masking tape then rolled 3 coates of blue acrylic

did 9 tanks.... found that peeling of the tape

peeled off paint, screwing in a bulk head did the same

and also found that you couldn't paint over the bits if the roller


Imo stay away from esp.. Happy to be corrected

if i have done something wrong however its a lot of work

for a dissappointing result .. maybe FJ can give some advice

Here is something i found useful when i painted backs

of tanks ( without esp) paint the bottoms as whilst you are possibly

using a substrate now should lateryou decide to ho bare

the fish are more comfy not seeing the drop to the

next tank, like walking on the glass floor in the tower at Auckland lol

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