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FS : 6 x 2 x 2.5 + stand; fluval FX5, complete system - $900ono

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Sadly, I am forced to sell my aquarium, due to work, study and family commitments.

This tank is massive, about 6 feet tall on its stand, and holds about 800 litres.

Included are a stand, excellent Fluval FX5 canister filter, excellent T5HO pendant light, UV steriliser, heaters, moonlight (everything except water and fish!)


Professionally constructed 6' x 2' x 2.5' glass tank. 12mm thick glass, reinforced around base join, and braced at the top.

Good condition, no cracks or damage; silicone in perfect condition.

Tank is drilled for sump-plumbing, but as I preferred a canister these have been sealed with bulkheads. I can help with instructions to reconnect the plumbing, if required.


Pine stand, constructed by a carpenter. 940mm high. Chipboard top. Enclosed with plywood (to keep my little-ones out). Ply can easily be removed if required, or built into a cabinet for someone with timber skills.

25mm polystyrene underlay sheet, to prevent damage to base.


Fluval FX5 external canister filter. Regarded as one of the best canisters that money can buy, the FX5 is enough to filter a tank twice this size. It is extremely quiet and very efficient. Complete with excellent quality expanded clay media and foam inserts.

UV steriliser plumbed in-line, just as an added precaution, and to ensure pristine water conditions. User-replaceable UV element.

Water quality was always amazingly good...crystal clear and perfect for my P.Demasoni and Plecos to breed like rabbits!


Full-length T5HO aluminium-chassis pendant light. This excellent-quality, beautiful light hangs from the ceiling, adding a very polished, professional look. It takes 8 x 3-foot tubes, which are cheaper and easier to source and replace than longer ones. 4 x white and 4 x blue-spectrum tubes are included, all working and high-quality.

Custom aluminium blue cold-cathode flurescent moon-light. Excellent for creating moonlight atmosphere to encourage night-feeders to feed and breed, and so you can see your fish for longer!

I have a stack of large black rocks, which were great with the cichlids I kept.

This tank is ideal for a large display. It will easily hold 50 or more smaller cichlids (I had P.Demasoni and Electric Yellows), or a colony of large ones (Frontosa, etc) or discus, or anything else.

It could be an ideal starting point for a marine setup, as it is drilled for bulkheads and plumbing to run a sump.

Local pick-up is necessary, as it is obviously too big to post. Probably too big to courier too...but if you can convince one I'm happy to work with that. A furniture removalist might be an option?

If picking up, a ute or trailer will be required. I will help with lifting, but it is very heavy, and more hands means easier....(so bring a friend if you can!)

$900 ono

Any questions, please message me and I will help as much as I can.


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