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Have some excess K1 I was going to use in my sumps.

1L - $5

3L - $10

5L - $15

10L - $25

20L - $45

25L - $55

50L - $100

All new and unused, genuine K1.

Only have a limited amount, so get in quick.

Pick-up from the Grange - may be able to post but really prefer not to.

pm here pls.

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You told me it was all sold and now theres some that can be picked up???

Thanks Richard, for your question?

I've had probably a dozen or so pms re this, but I'm pretty sure I said I have buyers for the k1 I had, but some wanted postage (and I wasn't too keen to post - but would have to move it).

My own preference also was for local pick-up and preferably to sell in bulk amounts if possible, so that I wouldn't be spend my time dividing it up and waiting for lots of different people to come over and get their bit.

Anyway, all the K1 is on hold atm - if anything changes, I'll post here.

Thanks for all your interest.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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