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Problem:- Strange Growth on Tiger Barb's Tail

Ph:- 7.6

Ammonia:- 00ppm

Nitrate:- 15ppm

Nitrite:- 00ppm



Size of tank:- 6x2x2

Temperature °C:- 26

(Tested Last Week)

Been running for:-

Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Aqua One Nautilus 2700UVC

Fish in tank:-

Plants in Tank:-

Feeding:- What food and How often:- Tetra Flake Twice a Day

Recent Medication Treatments:-

Last water change:- Thursday

Water change Twice a Week

Hey Guys, I wonder if you can help me. My Tiger Barb developed a strange white growth on his fin about 6 days ago. It started as a tiny white spot on the very tip of his caudal fin and slowly grew longer but not any wider to the point where it extended about 5mm from the tip of the tail similar to a worm in appearance (Very Thin). Today the long extension has fallen off and all that the remains is the base of the growth. The fish seems otherwise unaffected and is still eating. I've isolated him in a floating breeder box and i'm wondering how should i treat him. He has no other spots of obvious symptoms the other fish in the tank seem fine and don't appear to have any of these growths. Do you have any idea what it could be. Do you think it is contagious or treatable.

Here's a pic (Excuse the Algae):


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At a guess, going off the body shape (female) and the red lips (breeding colouration) I would say its damage from spawning and being nipped by pursueing males. She looks quite skinny, so I am thinking has already laid her eggs.

You have caught it so early that you have a chance to try some less full on mediations to heal the infection. Pimafix and terminalia leaves would be 2 potentials you could try, perhaps together they would be even more effective.

Because the other fish are not showing any signs, I'd perhaps hold off hitting the tank with serious shotgun meds like multicure.... but it might be worth having a bottle on hand in case it does escalate.

Weird ulcers on the flanks, serious panting at the surface before death or all fins rotting away...... these would be signs you need to hit the tank with something serious.

Until then though keep up with what you are doing.

Try to prevent the tank getting too hot, as that can speed up the infection.

And splash out on some other food to ballance out the diet a bit.

Some frozen bloodworms or brineshimp, maybe some spectrum or ocean nutrition pellets or flake.

tetra flake, day in and day out, aint the best diet.

not to say your fish is not looking good

but it could be even better

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