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Running Planted South American System

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I am selling my South American planted tank, and also have for sale;

7 x anostomus anostomus (10-12cm)

1 x Silver pidgeon blood Discus (11cm)

1 x Melon discus (10cm)

2 x Female Ghost Knife's (35cm)

1 x female white seam apistograma

5 x Tiger lotus

12 x Swords

3 x mopani driftwood (20kg)

3 x AQUARAY growbeam LED's

1 x 1500 x 620 x 450 Polished edge Mayer Tank

2 x 300w Heaters

2 x 1250 lph Canisters

1 x Tunze Nanostream powerhead

40 kg black moon sand

10 kg ADA substrate

full test kits

standard chemicals and fertalizers

The system has been running for 9 months and is avaliable for inspection, I am a professional in the aquarium industry and will guarentee the health of the stock and the balance of the system in general.

The System has cost over $6000 for which I have reciepts, The Aquarays alone go for $400 a pop, im selling the lot for $1500 inc delivery and setup!

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The advice is appreciated guys, out of interest, do you think my prices are good, im selling very cheap but havent had any solid offers yet?

Cheers, Matt @PC

I think it's hard to sell a complete set up as most people want to do their own, not buy one some one else has done. If you sold it piece by piece you would likely make more money. Only thing is, you need to sell the live stock first, and to do this quickly, it often has to be at ridiculously low prices.

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