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Marine tank

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Hi guys,

Toying with the idea of getting a small marine tank.

Looking at the Red Sea 130D. Does anyone have any experience with these or can recommend another 150 ish litre tank. Would need a small chiller I'm guessing too

Any advice appreciated.



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Two of our guys use red sea all in one systems,one of them is the one you are looking at and from what i am told its all good.

The last one of the two red sea tanks was a purchase from pet city of a Red Sea Max S-650,he is very happy with it.

For those that do not want to make much in the way of their own tank,lighting or bio filter,the red sea are are a well made mechanicle filtered all in one aquarium and yes it is a waste of time to efffectively try to keep a marine aquarium at a high level and have it flourish with out a chiller.

Just be aware that with any bio filter of this style,they have weak to quite bad pre filtering,whether it be by a sock or sponge and will enable the filter media to become blocked over time.

If you are aware and put the work in this is not much if any issue.

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Before you take the plunge on the redsea130......

I'd say hold off for a few days and keep an eye on

The Age Of Aquariums - Browns Plains, Australia - Pet Service | Facebook

AOA has awesome approx 100L setups coming in

Aquatic Style Nano Marine

no pictures of a black one to show you

as someone, ahem, sold the sole display model.

but heres some I borrowed



But they are stunning, easy to work with and capable.

Definitely a viable option

and a setup I felt like hugging everytime I walked past it.

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Pics aren't displaying on iPad. What brand / model is that?

Another one I was looking at was the aqua el reef max

Aquatic Style Nano Marine

you really have to see one, to appreciate just how pretty they are.

I know pretty is not usually the most important attribute of a dry marine system

but dam, it certainly doesnt hurt!

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