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4 or 5 hump heads

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4 or 5 adult sized (not sure but have seen 3 adult sized and 1 sub adult

just cutting back, this is really a hard thing for me to do, i love these guys, but they are my only africans i have left,

i would guess there is at least 1 pair, maybe 2 but they hide in the 4ft full of coral pieces so i don't see them much,

prefer them to go together

breeding pair sold and picked up

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i've had a few offers,

i'm looking at offers around $80.00 for the breeding pair and $30.00 each for the 4 or 5 others

i won't split the 4/5 extras as i'm sure they have already bonded and if separated they might not breed, so its best to take the lot

will take an offer of $200.00 for the lot,

the breeding pair have had a few big batches of fry, including 1 batch of over 100,

offers to date, $50.00 for the pair and $150.00 for the lot,

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