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FS~ Unique 8x2x2.5 tank and stand

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post-6454-14711627670963_thumb.jpg this is a nice show peice, a one off, unique curled leg steel stand, tank is 8x2x2.4 (LWH) the stand has had more compliments than anything ive owned for some reason, nobody has ever said wow thats a nice tank,its always wow I love the stand,lol, but no doubt if you put a hood on this tank the whole thing would uniquely compliment any home or buisness of any calibre,(not mine though lol) the surrounds and the way i have this tank set up does it no justice, $850 firm, cheers





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bump~ and sorry all i had no idea that ppl were asking about it as i didnt check back on the add, it comes with a basic 4foot light, an ehiem canister, heater and if wanted can throw in some big grey boulder rocks like the ones pictured with the frontosa, the tank is 2.4inches high VegasMick, so 8x2x2.4 to be exact, definitely a nice piece and ive changed my mind and took it off gumtree more times than you would believe so yeh pretty reluctant sale fellas and it is what it is, if you made or bought a hood for this it'd look the real goods i reckon.(front glass at the top where the brasing is it has like a slither type piece of glass missing,very hard to see esp when the tank is full and the lip of a canopy would cover it nicely so no biggy) if you look carefully you can maybe see it directly straight up above the frontosa or directly below the left corner of the light fixture.The whole tank front and sides is comletely scratch free, the tank is sound with no leaks or repairs, will leave it full and running for people to view so no probs there. Inbox me if interested please fellas coz I dont come back to this add very often at all, honestly not hungry enough for the sale to do that :) plus the mrs bloody loves this tank im surprized she's not chained to it right now in protest,and if I sell it I bet you my left nut that I'll NEVER hear the end of it, and that scares me :) cheers






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Bump~ might let it go for $750 if it gets genuine interest during this coming week, price is firm and no guarantees that I wont change my mind about selling it 20 times by Friday lol, so if you want it be quick and no time wasters please, what you see is what you get its a nice piece, tank is set up and running, comes with ehein canister filter,heater,rocks and black quarts sand substrate. Would possibly consider a trade on a colony of furcifer or foai depending on variant and the colony to be worth or advertised for 800- 900, will consider juvie furcifer/foai and cash my way also, sibwesa, K-copper, moliro foai, kabogo, kapampa foai etc (if anyone scored some of those kapampa foai off shon and you want to move them regardless of what size they are im super keen on that variant), and pm me if your interested or have something of interest to swap as I don't check back on my threads very often ok, cheers

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