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Unless you have a whole lot of spare room to grow the fry....get rid of them. Theres enough oscars looking for homes as it is. Kinda reminds me of the whole puppy/ dog thing humans have going. Breed more, yet shelters are full. Just imho mate :) Its up to you but, could just let them go and see what happens.

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Oscars are not easy.

But a good pair will lay every month or so until they get it right.

Keep trying

and likely on the 5th spawn you may raise some fry.

baby oscars are incredibly cute

keep in mind the smaller they are

the more times a day they need to be fed

buy airpowered sponge filters

cycle them

then when eggs turn to wrigglers

syphon some out

fill tank with same water

add cycled sponge filter

add syphoned babys

try raise some better than the parents.

nothing like having ya eggs in two baskets!

good luck

oscars are harder than they look.

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