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EOI: SuperSppot Motoro Pups

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I have deleted my inbox and lost contact details of a few guys expressing interest on my rays. My motoro gave birth early this morning. The female is a superspot that i got from sydney, male is local but almost pass for jetblack in colour. Pups are 2F and 1M and mom seems to be still in labour (hopefully to see more).

I'm after you guys if you can please contact me again as I would like know if you are still interested before offering it to the rest. I'm giving these guys the option of first refusal as they have seem the actual parents or i have previous dealings with them.

Since they are new pups, it won't be available until a couple of weeks/months. I'm not in a hurry to sell these as i want to make sure that buyer wll be happy as I have bought pups before which ended up dead due to being too young or not eating, my inexperience also, adding to the blame. This is the first pair that did survive for me. Pups will be sold as capable of eating (we will feed it when you'll pick them up) so you're assured they have chances of surviving. Please note that they are just day1 old pups and spots have not shown up (looks like plain brass in colour). Parents are surely have more spots that regular motoro so I would presume they'll inherit the genetics.

Some phone pics attached.





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just to clarify.

1. I'm not selling these yet.

2. I'm just after two guys whom express interest when they saw the pregnant ray. They'll be given priority.

3. Estimated availability is around early december since they are just 1 day old. Gives a chance for me to see them grow and what the pattern they'll turn out. Buyer won't be disappointed and will get a chance to save up as well.

4. Price I'm looking at is around $550-$650 mf when they are ready for new homes. Price subject to change but will be fair.

5. I think I only have 3 puppies as mom is back to normal. Had to separate the male to avoid stressing her out.

I won't reply to pms, but will list you in case the two guys don't get back to me.

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just an update:

1. Pups started showing interest on food, had chewed bits of salmon. I won't be releasing these pups until I know they are capable of eating.

2. Spots are starting to show and they have similar feature when I first got the mother.

3. One female with damage disc (dad chased it before I was able to separate) is healing, nothing serious. This is the biggest though of the batch.

4. Price I'm looking at is $550 for male and $650 for a female, apologies to some whom misinterpreted the $.

I have been contacted by one of the guys and he gave way and won't take any this batch as he doesn't have a ready set up. Deadline for the other guy is next weekend, after which I'll contact persons who are also interested.

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